Austrian Harvest Festivals

Austrian Harvest Festival is one of most popular harvest festival and it is all about enjoying life. Saint Leopold’s feast day marks the start of the heurigen which is the new wine season in Austria.

Austrian Harvest Festivals

People of Austria celebrate this festive day with outdoor wine tastings and wine picnics. They also celebrate the festival by folk music and live music. This is the day for the pilgrimage to Klosterneuberg Abbey, home of the eminent wine called Leopolsberg.

Austrian thanksgiving celebration is usually a rural harvest time. Activities include church services, a parade, music, and a country fair atmosphere. Leopold’s Day custom called Fasselrutschen also called “sliding down the cask” involves an enormous 12,000 gallon wooden barrel, commissioned by the abbot for Klosterneuberg wine cellar in 1704.

Peoples climb to the top of the cask one by one and then they slide down its smooth wooden side for good luck. It has been said ‘the rougher the side, the better the luck ‘.

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