German Harvest Festival

Erntedankfest is the name given to Thanksgiving in Germany. This harvest festival is mainly a rural celebration, with religious significance and in cities it is more a part of church services.

German Harvest Festival

Erntedankfest or Thanksgiving Celebrations in Germany are starkly different from the big traditional family celebrations in the US. Thanksgiving is not even a national holiday in Germany. Still, German Thanksgiving can find close resemblance with the Canadian way of celebrating the harvest festival.

A typical Thanksgiving celebration in Germany is organized at Berlin’s Evangelisches Johannesstift Berlin (church).

It is an all-day celebration, held in late September. After the church service, a fest begins at 10 in the morning. At around 2 in the noon, a Thanksgiving procession is also held. The procession concludes with the presenting of a harvest crown, known as Erntekrone. Music, dance and food, inside and outside the church, take place at 3 pm.

An evening service, followed by a lantern and torch parade, is fixed at 6 in the evening. Fireworks are seen in the sky, with the ending of the parade. The church ceremonies and celebrations end at around 7 p.m.

Thanksgiving, in Germany, it is not a big day of family feasting and get-togethers that are symbolic of Thanksgiving in US. In other words, it is not strictly considered as a family celebration in the country.

Wishing all readers Happy Thanksgiving 2019 !!!

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