Japanese Harvest Festival

Labor Thanksgiving Day, Kinro-kasha-no-hi in Japanese, is a popular festival in Japan. It is observed every year on 23rd November. This celebration has been derived from ancient tradition of Shinto harvest festival which was celebrated by kings to thank for bountiful harvest.

Japanese Harvest Festival

On the occasion of Shinto harvest festival, also called as Niinamesai, the emperor makes offering of fresh harvested rice to God or Kami Spirit and then goes to savor himself of the grain. The origin of Niinamesai can be traced back to 678 A.D.

The written records of Nihon Shoki reveal that Niinamesai was held on 23 November during the period of Meiji era and was celebrated throughout the country.

However, in modern age, it took new meaning to honor labor force. The tradition of celebrating Labor Thanksgiving Day first started in 1948 , after the second World War, and since been observed every year by the people of Japan.

Wishing all readers Happy Thanksgiving 2019 !!!

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