Pumpkins : Thanksgiving Poems

Pumpkin is one of the traditional symbol of Thanksgiving. It has been associated with thanksgiving festival since ages.

Pumpkins Thanksgiving Poem

Native Americans considered Pumpkins as a symbol of the life giving sun and a symbol of man’s personal power.

Today almost every Thanksgiving meal has a customary dish ‘Pumpkin Pie’

Please find below a nice poem dedicated to “Pumpkins”

Pumpkins Thanksgiving Poems :

Pumpkins, pumpkins in a patch
As far as I can see
Pumpkins, pumpkins in a patch
Look, that one’s bigger than me!

I need a pumpkin nice and round
So I can carve a face
And when I’ve found the perfect one
I’ll bring it back to my place

I’ll make a nice big pumpkin smile
That’ll light the night with cheer
My small little pumpkin from the patch
This colorful time of year

Author of the poem – Sharon Froese

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