Thanksgiving Screensavers Free Downloads

Thanksgiving 2019 is coming nearer and nearer. It the time of the year when we thank the almighty for the blessing of the harvest in the preceding year.

If you are ready to celebrate the Thanksgiving, then we have got for you Thanksgiving Screensavers which you can set on your computer.

You can download below mentioned Thanksgiving colorful screensavers by clicking on the screensaver name to connect to the download site/file.

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Thanksgiving Screensavers for FREE Download :

Thanksgiving Screensaver

Animated Thanksgiving Cards Screensaver 
This is a very traditional Thanksgiving Screensaver which shows Thanksgiving cards moving in random on your computer screen with music playing in background. (Size – 2.7 MB)

Thanksgiving Turkey Screensaver

Animated Turkey Forest Screensaver 
This animated Thanksgiving screensaver shows turkeys foraging and strutting their stuff in an autumn forest while leaves fall from the trees in the background. The Screensaver also includes background music and turkey sounds. (Size – 6.3 MB)

Bountiful Thanksgiving Screensaver

Bountiful Thanksgiving 
This screensaver displays Thanksgiving related images and messages in a long Flash animated screensaver. (Size – 2.1 MB)

Dancing Turkeys Thanksgiving Screensaver

Dancing Turkeys 
This animated Thanksgiving screensaver shows roasted turkeys dancing on your desktop in different formations and then falling tired at the bottom of your screen. This screensaver comes with music as well. (Size – 398 KB)

Dancing Turkeys Thanksgiving Screensaver Download

Dancing Turkeys Screensaver
This animated Thanksgiving screensaver shows turkeys dancing in different formations on your desktop to Thanksgiving music. (Size – 393 KB)

turkey thanksgiving screensaver

Turkey Dinner 
This cute animated Thanksgiving screensaver shows turkey chicks dancing around on tunes of Thanksgiving music. (Size – 3.7 MB)

Happy Thanksgiving Screensaver Download

Happy Thanksgiving
This Animated Thanksgiving Screensaver builds Loonies Thanksgiving image one piece at a time using rotating 3D cubes. (Size – 1.4 MB)

thanksgiving season screen saver

Season of Peace 
This Screensaver shows Thanksgiving related photographs in a Flash animated slideshow. (Size – 2.3 MB)

Thanksgiving Puzzle Screensaver

Thanksgiving Puzzle
This Thanksgiving Screen Saver displays pieces of puzzle form a Bug’s Thanksgiving image. (Size – 195 KB)

thanksgiving screen saver

Thanksgiving Screensaver 
This Animated Thanksgiving screensaver displays Happy Thanksgiving greeting in rainbow colors, pumpkins spinning around and turkeys spat on the screen. Note – This screensaver is not suitable for widescreen monitors. (Size – 404 KB)

thanksgiving turkey screen saver

Thanksgiving Turkey Splash 
In this screensaver you can watch lots of turkeys and a few pumpkins splashing on to your screen, with thanksgiving sound effects. Note – This screensaver is not suitable for widescreen monitors. (Size – 410 KB)

turkey time thanksgiving screen saver

Time for Turkey 
This Thanksgiving Screensaver is a ‘Turkey Clock’ which shows you current time and date. (Size – 212 KB)

thanksgiving turkey screen saver download

Turkey Cube
This animated screensaver shows a cube with turkey images rotates on your screen. (Size – 291 KB)

turkey day screensaver

Turkey Day 
This Turkey Day Thanksgiving screensaver shows Thanksgiving related images in a slideshow with background music. (Size – 1.5 MB)

turkey day thanksgiving screensaver

Turkey Riders! 
This animated Thanksgiving screensaver displays children riding on turkeys on your desktop, with good Thanksgiving music. (Size – 713 KB)

Wishing all readers Happy Thanksgiving 2019 !!!

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