What is Open in Canada on Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is the second Monday of October and observed as an official holiday in all of Canada’s provinces and territories. The Saturday and Sunday leading up to Thanksgiving is business as usual, but on Thanksgiving Monday, most businesses, stores and services shut down.

What is Open in Canada on Thanksgiving 2019

Canada is a big country and not every province has the same closures. The following list of what is open and closed on Thanksgiving is a general guide.

Exceptions apply across the country, especially in Quebec where Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the same way by all residents and many shops and services remain open.

Open on Thanksgiving Monday :

Most tourist attractions as well as restaurants and stores located in tourist destinations stay open.

Many malls in major cities stay open, especially in tourist destinations. For example, most malls in the Greater Toronto Area remain open, like the Eaton Center as is the West Edmonton Mall, etc. Quebec SAQ stores stay open except for those located within a mall that is closed for the holiday.

Much public transportation, such as the TTC operates on holiday schedule. Some supermarket and drug store chains keep a few stores open at key locations.

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