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“Whole-hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I will Bring” is a popular Thanksgiving Hymn which has its words coming from the Psal­ter num­ber 16.

The first two lines of the re­frain are borrowed from To God Be the Glo­ry Hymn by Fan­ny Cros­by.

Wholehearted Thanksgiving hymn

Please find below Lyrics, Video and Mp3 Download of “Whole-hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I will Bring” Thanksgiving Hymn.

Whole-hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I will Bring – Thanksgiving Hymn Lyrics :

Whole-hearted thanksgiving to Thee I will bring
In praise of Thy marvelous deeds I will sing;
In Thee I will joy and exultingly cry,
Thy Name I will praise, O Jehovah, Most High.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the earth hear His voice!
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the people rejoice!
O come to Jehovah, declare ye His fame,
And give Him all honor, for just is His Name.

My enemies turn and are scattered in fear,
They stumble and perish because Thou art near;
For Thou hast defended my right and my cause,
Thou sittest in judgment, upholding Thy laws.

Rebuked are the nations, the wicked destroyed;
Their memory perished, their dwelling place void;
Enthroned and eternal, Jehovah shall reign,
The peoples to judge and the right to maintain.

Thou, Lord, art a Refuge for all the oppressed,
All trust Thee who know Thee, and trusting are blest;
For never, O Lord, did Thy mercy forsake
The soul that has sought of Thy grace to partake.

Give praise to Jehovah, the mighty deeds tell
Of Him Who has chosen in Zion to dwell,
Of Him to Whom justice and vengeance belong,
Who visits the lowly and overthrows wrong.

Behold my affliction, Thy mercy accord,
And back from death’s portals restore me, O Lord,
That I in the gates of Thy Zion may raise
My song of salvation and show forth Thy praise.

The sins of the nations their ruin have wrought,
Their own evildoing destruction has brought;
In this the Lord’s justice eternally stands,
That sinners are snared in the work of their hands.

The wicked shall perish, the nations shall fall,
Forgetting their God, Who is God over all;
But God will remember the prayer of the weak,
Most surely fulfilling the hope of the meek.

Arise in Thy justice, O Lord, and Thy might,
No longer let sinners prevail in Thy sight;
Great Judge of the of the nations, in judgment appear
To humble the proud and to teach them Thy fear.

Whole-hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I will Bring – Thanksgiving Hymn Video :

Whole-hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I will Bring – Thanksgiving Hymn Mp3 Download :

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